Mock & Lindsay Marketing provides the full gamut of services to fulfill your company’s needs. From personalized and in depth planning to our multi-layered development strategy, we can create a presence for your company that increases your site traffic and business.


The key to our success is the understanding that every client is unique, as are their needs. Our research team identifies the specific demands of your business and systems of implementation for them that give you a specific style above the bland designs of competitors.


Communication is an under-appreciated skill and one that we pride ourselves on. At all stages of development our team is available to answer any questions you may have or to discuss the direction of your image. The advantage of working with Mock & Lindsay is that we keep our core team tight which means a cohesive unit working towards your success. You receive high end marketing and strategy development with an ensemble cast of creative minds.  We offer years of experience in design, copywriting, programming, etc. in a small business environment that feels personal and conscious.

Maxwell Lindsay

Marketing Management

John Mock


Giovanni Concepcion


Alex Chimienti


No company should fail because they lacked the proper representation. Mock and Lindsay captures and creates an identity for your company that stands out and leaves an impression. Max identifies the unique marketing needs of your business and the right plan to meet them.

John’s life is art. There isn’t a single project that Mock & Lindsay take on that John doesn’t fall in love with and it shows in his work. Every button, flier, and logo is handled with the same attention to detail. John’s comprehensive process combines years of industry experience with raw passion. The results speak for themselves.

Gone are the days of shoddy drop down menus and tacky taskbars. A reactive and sleek website with a natural flow from one section to the next is a necessity in this era of competitive design. Gio is well versed in desktop and mobile platform coding to create an accessible website (or app) that’s both responsive and engaging.

“What is your story?” That’s the first and most important question Alex will ask in the development of your company’s identity. Between the management of case studies and SEO, Alex meticulously refines what your company is trying to say and how you get that message across to your customers.



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